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Friday, March 16, 2012

First Impressions: A Country Imperiled by Cecilio Arillo

I just got a copy of the book “A Country Imperiled” by Cecilio Arillo. These are my first impressions of it :


Pro-Marcos, Anti-Aquino.

Marcos was a victim of false propaganda branding him a dictator. Marcos was no dictator.

What imperils the country: IMF-WB free trade policies that drive countries poor.

IMF-WB is a tool of American imperialism.

Aquinos are an IMF-WB tool.

Neoclassical economics and laissez-faire capitalism are stupid, while mercantilism is better.

Marcos defended the Philippines against IMF-WB impositions on the Philippines.

IMF-WB and the US thus sponsored movements to oust him.

Current Filipino problems owe in a large part to the influence of the IMF-WB, and even the ADB.

March 18, 2012 Addendum:
The CBCP is disobeying the Vatican by participating in political issues in order to protect its shares in local businesses.


With these claims by someone like Arillo, I can more appreciate where the nationalists and anti-Americans are coming from. Though I would like to find common ground between them and my other views. 

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