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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Aesthetics of the Wedge

The wedge is classified as one of the basic machines in science. However, I see it as one of the basic aesthetic devices. As an artist who loves to draw futuristic armor, vehicles and robots, I like the wedge shape because it looks like it's moving even if it's not. It has a sharp, streamlined feature that just looks dynamic and beautiful. I wonder if "racy" can be applied, hehe.

In the pic above, it looks simple. But an artist or designer can rework the basic shape into something else. Like in the images that follow...

Here are some of my original characters where I applied the wedge-shaped look.

We can also see the wedge design applied aesthetically in many places.

For example, in cars:

Lamborghini Countach

Rover 75S from Daimos

Lancia Stratos

In mecha (mostly in the chest and head design):

O Gundam

OO Gundam

Gundam X

Hail Buster Gundam

R-Gun from Super Robot Wars OG

Gundam Harute

Gundam Astray PMC Custom

Blue Astray head (best Gundam Head I've ever seen)

(Images courtesy of and Gundam Guy blog)

In tokusatsu:

Kamen Rider Accel Trial Mode (I really love this helmet's brow)

And in Science fiction:

Battlestar Galactica

Imperial Star Destroyer

I'll continue to incorporate this design aesthetic in much of my artwork, although of course, it will have to be mixed with other great-looking design elements.

By the way, I've been looking for other wedge-themed helmets, armor and vehicles. Anything you know that I haven't seen? Thanks.


  1. Wedge-shaped things do look faster, sharper, and more painful.
    Just like a wedgie. When done properly, it's fast and it's a sharp pain. :-)

  2. Doncha just love "penetrating power?" LOL