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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is this really helping?

I just caught this comment from a certain group that for me serves as a mere chill-out zone:

"Other networks just sink on Philippine issues. Read the whole page up and down, isn't it boring and monotonous?

We're different. We're not BORING.

Here we talk about a whole range of things, Philippine issues, Filipino Personality, Sex (Of course everyone has an SEX organ, its the TRUTH and NO ONE can deny it), Jokes ad Comedy, Aviation, Stock Market, Personal Finance, Science and Technology, Cars, School Subjects, Math, Pets, Animal Welfare, Women's Rights, Career Paths, Proper parenting, Self improvement, Art, Engineering, Architecture, Religion, ... ******(name of the group)ites, help me they are so many!"

Thing is, fixing the dysfunctions of a country never happens with people relaxing in their chill-out zones.


  1. it's never a good feeling to have when somebody says that whatever matters to you is actually boring him. we're probably more accustomed to people either liking or disliking whatever we're involved in, but unsure how exactly to deal with someone INDIFFERENT.

    is it mature to kick his @ss out of there after hearing such a thing? that might be a little too filipino, if you know what i mean.
    so he doesn't care. just wait for the opportunity to tell him "i told you so." in the meantime, all that matters is YOU aren't bored. that way you know your head's in the right place, diba?

  2. Right you are, my man.

    Perhaps they want to save the world by smoking weed? hehehe

  3. hey, if not being bored is tops on their list, weed just might do the trick for them while the rest of us are preoccupied with real life with real implications.

    or maybe the dude who was bored was actually online but behind bars or something. tough coming up with something else to do than sniffing the stuff between his toes, i guess.

  4. Or maybe for him, solving Philippine issues is the wrong thing to do? So just talk about sex. Hehe.

    Wow, mass media is actually working on these people.

  5. Right now the said group is imploding. Fake accounts exposed, egos bruised... the foolishness of the whole idea of the group was exposed at last.