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Thursday, December 03, 2009

December Blues

(Also posted on my Deviant Art Journal)

Time flies and it's December already. I think it's felt faster because I've been so glued to this computer doing both work and play. I'm so itched to draw manga that I've lost interest in my scale modeling hobby. Maybe I could do that when I get to Singapore, if ever I get a job there.

Lately I've gotten interested in a manga (or rather, manhwa, since it's makde by a Korean) called Witch Hunter. It sees a group of young witch hunters fighting witches in a medieval-type world. The witches interest me because of how prettily they are drawn, and how the artist designs such interesting outfits for them. This has been occupying my thoughts most of the time. I already made original characters of my own, but can't put 'em into picture form yet. I returned the scanner I borrowed. I'm also reading Vampire Knight and Dance in the Vampire Bund, continuing my interest in vampires. My heroes still tend to be of the metal hero type, hehe.

Meanwhile, the daily grind goes along as I try to earn enough money, make ends meet, deal with my autistic nephew and just... try to enjoy things. On the side, I'm watching videos of Kamen Rider series episodes, especially Kabuto. I also post comments on and, since I have opinions about this country that I have to belt out to the world. Enjoying life isn't as easy as one thinks it is. Hehe.

It's also been bloody cold lately and it's time to do something people don't often do in the Philippines - keep warm.

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