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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I’m Still Filipino, Mind You

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Before you think I’m ashamed of being Filipino, let me say I just believe many stupid things that people popularly believe as “Filipino” are not Filipino at all. They’re just misconceptions thrown to us by a devious media. I am Filipino no matter what culture I take and what practices I have in life. Being of a different culture or mindset doesn’t make me any less Filipino.

I speak English better than I speak Tagalog or whatever my regional ethnic language is. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I boycott Wowowee, Willing Willie, local telenovelas, local news and local media. So what? I’m still Filipino. 

I watch anime and foreign programs instead of local programs. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I don’t give blowouts during my birthday or I don’t prepare bongga handaans (lavish dinners) during an event. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I don’t use firecrackers to celebrate New Year’s Eve because I don’t want my house, money or fingers to burn. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I refuse to give dole outs to the squatter areas. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I don’t send home balikbayan boxes as an OFW, because it’s too expensive and impractical for my case (and I can always buy things when I get home). So what? I’m still Filipino.

I don’t listen much to love songs, and prefer exciting, fast heavy metal or other fast, riotous music. And I don’t like videoke or karaoke. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I seem to be an overly logical person and would rather think critically than let my emotions do the thinking, my fellow Filipinos tell me.  So what? I’m still Filipino.

I don’t follow fads, or go with what’s popular with fellow Filipinos. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I don’t believe in pakikisama, since it means you sacrifice your integrity or personal preferences just to conform to your barkada or group. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I don’t use authoritarianism, don’t teach my kids to use “po” or “opo,” don’t teach them the mano tradition or I don’t raise them the traditional way, but use modern “western” parenting methods. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I avoid local rich foods like lechon and bulalo, and prefer healthier that tend to be “imported” or foreign products (although there are some good local products already).  So what? I’m still Filipino.

I believe the jeepney should be eliminated or reduced as a form of transportation to improve our poor metro traffic situation. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I refrain from inumans at the kanto or even with friends who keep pestering me about it. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I side with a foreigner who has been wronged by a Filipino, and I help out in catching the Filipino miscreant. So what? I’m still Filipino.  

I’m not fond of basketball or boxing and prefer other sports, or don’t really watch sports at all. So what? I’m still Filipino.

I am not a fan of Manny Pacquiao and refuse to say “I’m Proud to be Pinoy because of Manny.” So what? I’m still Filipino.

I believe our culture is filled with a lot of trash and we’re doing the wrong things compared to what our neighbors like Singapore and Indonesia are doing. So what? I’m still Filipino.

Heck, even if I don’t say “I’m Proud to be Filipino,” or “the Filipino Race is superior,” I’m still Filipino.

No matter how un-Filipino or anti-Filipino I seem to you, I will boldy declare that I am still, and will always be, a Filipino.

So what makes me Filipino? My desire to see my country’s system fixed, and my country’s culture transformed into one that is more respectable.  


  1. sooo... which country's templates of system you suggests on copying to improve the philippines?

  2. There are so many other countries that are doing better than us, yet we need not really copy, but take from them. Singapore comes to mind though, because that's one of the most obvious successes in this region. Picking and getting the best ideas from each country is still the best to do.

  3. Chino is condescending, elitist, patronizing, isolationist, colonial. So what? He still thinks he's better than you.

  4. LOL? What the fuck? The LOL's on you.