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Friday, May 21, 2010

On Blaming God

People have always said that when something bad happens to them, "it is the will of God." Even if someone points out that it can actually be traced to human fault, they will still believe it to be the "will of God."

This is blasphemous for me. Making every misfortune the will of God is effectively blaming God, and it basically shirks human responsibility. Humans want to pass the buck to someone else. For example, Filipinos blame our country's woes on the corrupt politicians. And why are the politicians there? God's will, they say.

What a load of horsecrap. They're the ones who vote those corrupt politicians into office. They're the ones to blame for their own predicament. If people don't realize that they vote into office the corrupt, then they are dumb. In addition, they do things like give birth to ten children even if don't have the means to feed even one. Thus, dumbness again... and in fact, they deserve to be judged by God for their decisions.

I echo commenter Ben from who gave this so-correct view about blaming God:
Everything we do is because we chose to do it, and credit and consequence is man’s. But you have to remember, God gave us the opportunity to do good. If we fail, it is our fault and we displease him. If we succeed, we please him in upholding the mandate he bestowed upon us.
Arguments about giving God credit when good things happen yet cursing or blaming God is bad things happen, are all based on a lack of understanding of that mandate. He gave us free will and he will never take that away. The choices are made by us, so we must always pay all consequences of our actions; good or bad.
But giving thanks giving to God in good is what we are supposed to do. He is our Father who provided all the good in this world. It’s just like our parents. For example, my dad teaches me how to ride a bike. He first bought me that bike, then taught me the skills to ride it. Once I am able to ride on my own with no problem, I thank my dad for teaching me. But if I fall, does that mean I should blame my dad? Is it really his fault I fell? I say NO.
This is something that is missing in the catholic church. They miss out on the relationship between man and God, and has replaced it with religious traditions and culture. Religion is man made and is one of the biggest problems in this country.
Never blame God for our short comings. We chose… We suffer.
If we only understood that people suffer because of the consequences of their actions, and not only God's, then we will be able to understand why there is so much sin in the world and what we should do about it.


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  2. Oh, thanks for coming... and I love you too. :P

  3. I agree with this point. The worst is that when something really BAD happens someone excuses it as "the will of G-d". Is it the will of G-d that someone is sick of Cancer or AIDS? I don't think so.. is it the will of G-d that a whole nation remains in poverty? This sounds like Pat Robertson excusing 9/11 as the "punishment of homosexuals and lesbians" which was pretty absurd! Gret blog post!