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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making the Philippines Play Victim Again

A certain conspiracy theorist suddenly came in with a comment attacking Huffington Post journalist Phil Bronstein, whose article was featured on They said that local oligarchs are merely the scapegoat for the country's problems. The real culprit is the U.S. oligarchs (robber barons in their own terms), the World Bank and International Monetary Fund who Bronstein is purportedly silent on. The commenter believed that U.S. policy dominates World Bank and IMF policy, and somehow they imply that such policies had singled out the Philippines in a plan to make it poor!

So the point of this commenter: anyone but Filipinos is to blame.

Seems that conspiracy theories are contagious. I got a conspiracy theory of my own. :)

If this commenter is connected to someone... or is actually that someone... who wants to be this country's foreign affairs sec, I think I get what they'll do upon becoming so. They'll yell and scream at the abovementioned US oligarchs and international organizations that it's their fault the Philippines is sunk and demand some money to be given as aid. This someone probably rejects the idea of foreign investments because they believe that it gives other nations power over us. In other words, this someone is transfixed on anti-foreign nutcase-ism.

It's really stupid to put the blame on other countries and international organizations when the stupidity of our own countrymen is so obvious. I'm not taking just about how they vote. I'm talking about laying down with many women and bearing many children and wondering why life is hard, or wasting out one's entire pay on a fiesta and then crying the next day because of poverty, or making one's children beg on the streets and taking that money from them.

So this is what you want the US oligarchs, WB and IMF to fund?

How undeserving.

And these bogeymen the commenter mentioned, US oligarchs, WB and IMF... the commenter seems to be denying that their policies helped the Philippines in the past. They're basically encouraging the biting of the hands that feed them. I'll not be surprised if this person also reject foreign investments as a solution to our country's problems.

It is a stupid proposition and is clearly based on an anti-foreign bias. Instead of fixing the real problems within the country, the idea is based on just getting money in order to cover up the real issues. For example, one issue is that the protectionist clauses of the constitution inhibits foreign investments and keeps both the quality and number of jobs in the country low.

This commenter is defending Filipino dysfunction as well. Let the drunkards, womanizers, bums and no-good idiots be. Just give them money from the WB and IMF. Serving the victim mentality of lazy Pinoys without making them go to work. Smooth.

But the thing is: once the aid has been delivered to our shores, who'll handle the funds? Likely the local oligarchs, since they're in the government or have influence over it! We'll see money meant for the poor puff up the bank accounts of oligarch businesses. Then the poor will wonder, "what happened to all the IMF/WB assistance?" The oligarchs just laugh all the way to the bank.

This commenter wanted to deflect attention from the idea that the source of the Philippines' poor condition is laziness. It's not just the laziness of the government. It's the laziness of the Filipino race as a whole. Pandering to the masses won't solve their problems; it only makes them more irresponsible, and poorer.

Enough with making the Philippines play victim. It's old and tired... and pointless.

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