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Sunday, June 21, 2009

On Human Wings

You know, since I have been drawing vampire girls with bats' wings, I recalled one of my useless musings from long ago. You know, if humans really had wings, bat's wings would be more anatomically correct. We are used to bird's wings more because of how they were represented in old religious art on angels. And birds are more common to see in flight. Thus, people normally think of bird's wings on winged humans.

But why I say bat's wings? Humans are mammals. Bats are mammals. Birds are of a different family. So if humans sprouted wings, bat wings would be it. Well, for accuracy's sake, that is.

I think the thought of bat's wings as "evil" wings has to stop. haha.


  1. You are correct. Bat wings are natural for human beings regarding their Mammalian past. You would have to do a complete change to be able to support youself with bird wings. Bat wings could work while keeping the human form.

  2. Have you ever met one of us ?