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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Music Madness

If you're wondering what music I like, here are some of my favorite Songs:

Mechanical - The Quarks
Dream - P. Lion
Soldier of this Fashion - This Fear
Talking in my Sleep - Primary Colors
Paint Love Blue - Primary Colors
Wishful Thinking - China Crisis
Neverending Story 12-inch - Limahl
All I Need is A Miracle - Mike and the Mechanics
Whatever Possessed You - Care
Love Still Flows - Lotus Eaters
Square Rooms 12-inch - Al Corley
Poison Arrow - ABC
Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
Appetite - Prefab Sprout
Two Rivers - The Adventures
State of Art - Friends Again
House of Stone - Roaring Boys
Lamour - Erasure
True Survivor - David Hasselhoff
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, MASK themes - Larry Leon
Can Delight - My Mine
Asia - Mo
Blue Kiss extended version - Jane Wiedlin

Jiban no Himitsu - Shouhei Kusaka
Everytime I Remember You - (Still looking for artist)
Goyo Da! - Akira Kushida
Turboranger Opening Theme - Kenta Satou
Captain Future Opening theme - Yuji Ohno
Janperson Opening Theme - Susumu Ooya
Ultraman Neos Theme (grand orchestra version) - Tatsuya Maeda
Warriors (Yugioh starting theme) - Yuichi Ikusawa
L-Gaim theme - Mio/Miq
Sing Lung (Flight of the Dragon)/High upon High - Jackie Chan

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