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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dragon's M1A1 AIM

OK, so my Shermanoholism has been cut...

This is a model of the current main battle tank of the US Army. It's also used by Kuwait, Egypt and Australia.
Oh well, I'll just save up for it. P1000 pesoses only... only... yeah right....

Meanwhile I've been busy with this project:

It's the M48A3 Patton of Tamiya. The real tank was the main battle tank of the United States during the Vietnam War. It's a very old kit, molding quality is late 70's, but it's still very good and quite easy to assemble. Much easier than the Dragon offer above. Well, on to finishing it...


  1. hi chino! you know there's a store in cartimar that sells toys like those. where do you buy your toys?

  2. If that store is Special Toys Center, I avoid that since it usually overprices items. I buy from Lil's Megamall, they're more modeler-friendly.