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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Finally I got a job. I thought it would be astronomically hard... but it isn't, though my salary isn't so astronomically high, as a select few enjoy. I now work for Global Publishing's magazine Celebrity Living. Now this publishing company has been absorbed into Mega Publishing, so I'm actually under Mega Publishing now. Thank goodness.

I got a job since I'm the breadwinner for my house. Probably few or even no people would think of me as a breadwinner. I'm 30, single, with lots of hobbies... so why would I be concerned with feeding somebody else with my salary? Because if someone in your family has committed mistakes but could not get themselves out of the muck, most of the time you have to help them out. Yes, most of the time. Because they're family. No choice but to support if you can.

So here I am finally able to put up another blog post with the little time and Internet connection afforded me by my good office. I should be doing this at home, but I've no more Internet load left. And I've got this severe case of Lampers disease (Lang pera disease), so I couldn't buy a new prepaid card. I couldn't even load my cellphone. So I work on borrowed funds. I sure hope things work out better this year. And that I get more time for the things I really want. God help me.

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