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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Filipino Bashing 2

People get word that big prizes await then at the anniversary of a certain game show (a lousy game show). What happens when they get to the place? They trample and kill people in a stampede.

The boss will ask you to print something, but there's no ink. Sometimes give you impossible goals that you can't realistically do, no matter how good you're at. Seal a deal in one day, it's possible if you want it to happen.

When people check their balance at the ATM, they print a receipt, then just look at it and throw it in the trash. Paper wasted.

You call customer service to ask if a certain company's telephone lines are available in your area. They say yes, they ARE available. I apply for one. Then the CS Rep says, 'Sorry sir, land lines will be available next year.' But didn't she say they ARE available?

Sometimes I can't help but think that the Filipino is a stupid creature. Sorry Lord.

I've heard someone say that it's not selfishness, but stupidity, that is the root cause of evil. Well, I disagree that stupidity is the root cause of evil... but it sure can come in at second place.

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