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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Is blogging only for Money?

Perhaps this is nothing to get worried over, but I do hear other people assuming that blogging is for money. I’ve been accused by shills that I get paid for my blogging, especially on Get Real Philippines. As I said before, my blogging for this and other sites is done for free, unless I reveal it. So far, I have nothing to reveal except Nuffnang, just an attempt to see if I can make money at from it. But it’s only gotten less than P150 since I put the feature on. I can’t get a decent living from that. 

Then there come people who tell me that blogging should be for money and is always for money. You would not have a blog if you were not trying to earn money. If you have a blog that you don’t make money from, then you are lying; blogs are for money! 


Then there are people who insist that if you have a blog, you should earn money. If you have a blog not earning money, they’ll say you’re not doing it right and stupid, and more. Don’t have a blog that doesn’t earn money, they’ll say. Still more hogwash.

Blogs are simply websites with preset formats and do-it-yourself features that allow putting up content very easily. Blogs also have features for periodic additional content, hence the term blog from weblog – from a log that is usually updated. Features are also added that allow people to make money, but that is not done all the time. It is also not required.

Let blogging be what it is. A freewheeling posting of things by the owner, an online diary. It’s mostly given for free and is a great way to express oneself to the world and blow steam. That for me is what blogging is really for. Let bloggers be and stop telling them what to do. 

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