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Friday, May 26, 2006

Why Techtor?

OK, maybe people are wondering... why in the world did I call myself Techtor? Long story actually... but I can shorten it for you.

First, in my searches for information on Japanese heroes, I found this:

The series called Winspector has three heroes: a human code-named Fire Tector, and two robots named Bikle Tector and Walter Tector. The two last code names sound funny, but the last part 'Tector' struck me. What if I made it into 'Techtor'?

I invented my own metal hero (I invented a lot of them, actually), and came up with Prototechtor. I haven't developed a story for him though. But the 'techtor' part stuck in my mind, and is a good way to name my interest in robot heroes, futurism and technology. When I became a Google Answers Researcher, I needed a name that was representative of me. 'Techtor' was it.

And history went on.

Oh yeah, someone else asked me about it. Here is his blog, with the entry on me:

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  1. Hey No-chee!

    I clicked on your GoogleAds! you better return the favor and click on mine or else...

    I'll make sure Chaps (remember her?) bug you to death with her terrible grammar! Hehehehe!