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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Need A Mopedicure

I've always been raring for a motorcycle.

When I was still an office boy, I was so pissed at the torture you have to go through just to be able to get to work. Jeepneys are so slow, they don't move until they're filled like sardine cans, busses crawl like snails on Edsa, the MRT gets filled like a sardine can... all in all, commuting in the Philippines is hell. While riding the MRT, I'd look down on the street and see guys on Honda, Suzukis and Kawasakis breeze through the traffic and slip in between cars... virtually nullifying the effect of traffic!

So I concluded... I gotta have one of those things.

I don't really need a heavy bike, those are for tricycles (pantra for short, pantraysikel). Underbone mopeds or cubs are good enough for me. I have three choices:

Suzuki Shogun R - Inexpensive 125 cc. bike, large capacity underseat compartment, 4.5 liter fuel tank, deadly handsome! Good all around bike. P56,000

Yamaha Crypton Z - Deadlier handsome! One of the nicest handling bikes, 4.5 liter fuel tank, Yamaha durability... and sales office is nearby. The con for me is the small underseat compartment. P60,000

Yamaha Mio - Scooter build, but with large wheels, sorta OK underseat compartment, automatic transmission, easiest to drive and like the Crypton Z, the sales office is nearby. P65,000

So here are my choices. I'm also considering the Wave 125S, but I find its 3.7 liter a lit little for me. Anyways, the strongest choice for me is the Shogun R. But if you want to offer me opinions, you're welcome.

I've already registered at forums. I get a lot of good opinions and experience relates there.

But the bottom line is, no matter how much I know about those mopeds, I'm still outta cash. Heck, if I had enough cash, I'll get all three. Or more, hehehehe.

Oh well. Back to work.

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